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July 20, 2011

The SetWebButtonText command

SetWebButtonText Any template run on the web, will include a button on which the user can click to finish off the interview and begin the merge process to generate the document. By default the text on this button is ‘Assemble’. The «SetWebButtonText()» command will allow the template author to change

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The SetWebReturnURL command

SetWebReturnURL After an XpressDox template has been run from within your own web application or website, the «SetWebReturnURL» command can be used to specify a result page i.e. where the browser should point now that the document has been assembled. The return URL can be written into the application via

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The SendWebEmail Command

From v14: Whilst the «SendWebEmail» command remains active and supported, v14 introduces new commands «SaveAsEmail» and «SendAsEmail». These commands offer more flexibility in terms of the email design (no html files required), and all the XpressDox commands and functions can be used.   SendWebEmail: Upon the completion of a document

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