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June 29, 2012

ChooseFromHzRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of horizontal radio buttons on your XpressDox interview   Command structure: «ChooseFromHzRDBList(Entity_Type,Individual,Corporate)»       By default the first value in the fillpoint will be selected, but it is possible to remove

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ChooseUsingTimePicker – XpressDox

This command is a variant of the CaptureDataElement command which causes a “time picker” control to be placed on the interview to help the user in choosing a time of day correctly. «ChooseUsingTimePicker(AppointmentTime)» As with all

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CommasAndList – XpressDox

This function is very similar to the List command. The difference is that List operates on repeated data elements (e.g. the names of parties), whereas CommasAndList operates on a list which is contained either in

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FormatTime – XpressDox

If a value has been captured as a time of day, then it can be formatted and inserted into the merged document in a format desired by the template author.  For example, a user may

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HzGroup – XpressDox

The default layout format for an interview is for the controls in the interview to be arranged vertically, one under the other. This behaviour can be modified by use of the HzGroup command (the name standing for ‘HorizontalGroup’).

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InterviewFont – XpressDox

This command will set the font for all controls, captions, headings, footings, etc., on the interview. One drawback of the current default font (which is the Microsoft default font for user interfaces) is that it

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SetWebInterimSaveButton – XpressDox

This command will enable a cloud user to save a partially completed interview without generating a merged document. The command provides text for the button which will appear on the interview screen, and also a URL to

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Width – XpressDox

Before the advent of the Width command, the widths of controls on the interview would be variable, as the right hand side of the control is a fixed distance from the edge of the interview form.

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