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September 20, 2012

DefineSetAllGroup – XpressDox

There is a requirement in some templates for the interview user to be able to check a checkbox  and have a set of check boxes all checked –  a so-called “Check All” feature. A similar

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FlagTOCToBeUpdated – XpressDox

Note that with effect from Version 6.4.1 of XpressDox, the functionality of this command is exactly the same as for the UpdateFields command. When a template contains a Word Table of Contents (TOC), that TOC

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RunAsHugeTemplate – XpressDox

There is a feature (perhaps a bug) in Microsoft® Office that prevents Add-ins like XpressDox from working with very large documents.  This affects XpressDox when a template being merged ends up being about 400 or

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