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September 20, 2012

Version 4.4.0 (2012-09-20)

2012-09-19 Version 4.4.0 The template converter (to convert templates constructed for other document assembly systems) has been improved.  In particular, there is now an analysis tool which makes construction of the “FieldConvertDictionary” file much easier than it was. If the template has a Word Table of Contents in it, then

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The FlagTOCToBeUpdated Command

Note that with effect from Version 6.4.1 of XpressDox, the functionality of this command is exactly the same as for the UpdateFields command. When a template contains a Word Table of Contents (TOC), that TOC can sometimes become invalid when conditional assembly in the template causes some of the constituents

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The DefineSetAllGroup Command

There is a requirement in some templates for the interview user to be able to check a checkbox  and have a set of check boxes all checked –  a so-called “Check All” feature. A similar requirement applies to a set of radio button lists, which must all have a value

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The RunAsHugeTemplate Command

There is a feature (perhaps a bug) in Microsoft® Office that prevents Add-ins like XpressDox from working with very large documents.  This affects XpressDox when a template being merged ends up being about 400 or more pages long. It only occurs when the template is run inside the XpressDox desktop

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