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May 12, 2015

The Button Command

Creates a button on the interview, which in itself has no functionality, but provides a method to initiate other commands.   Command Structure: «Button(XXX)»   Examples of usage: Sometimes, the template author would like to let the user initiate actions (database retrieval, modification of data elements, etc.) explicitly. This is

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The IsTrue Function

When an XML dataset is sourced from a data source, or perhaps from an XML text file which has been populated by user input, it is not always easy to determine beforehand what the format of some data elements will be.  This applies particularly to true/false options which in various

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The TemplateName Function

Use this function to put the file name of the currently running template into the assembled document. For example: The name of this template file is «TemplateName()» To include the extension and full file path of the template, use the following: The name of this template file is «TemplateName(‘true’,’true’)»

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