April 5, 2016

FormatSeconds – XpressDox

If you have calculated (or been supplied) an elapsed time in seconds, then you can format that into a nicely legible format without having to divide by 60 for minutes, etc. «FormatSeconds(‘3675′,’HH:mm:ss’)» will render as

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PaintInsertedText – XpressDox

The command searches the template for any fillpoint which directly inserts text into the assembled document, and “paints” it with the specified color.   Command structure: «PaintInsertedText(Yes,Blue)»   Examples of usage: «PaintInsertedText(Yes,Red)» «Owner» (“Owner”) agrees

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PositionOfRepeater – XpressDox

Please note that with effect from version 11.3, this function has been superseded by the RepeaterPosition function. For backward compatibility the use of PositionOfRepeater is supported, but is discouraged. Consider the commands OnExitSet and OnEnterSet.

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RemoveColumnIf – XpressDox

Remove a table column in your XpressDox template if a certain condition is true. It is almost impossible to think of a way to tell XpressDox to include a column in a Word table using «If(condition)»

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ShowHidden – XpressDox

XpressDox has a powerful Relevance Engine which hides or shows controls (those areas where data for data elements are captured) on the interview. Take the following snippet: «ChooseFromRDBList(PartyType,Individual,Company)» The party is: «Name» and the «If(PartyType =

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Reporting on template usage

XpressDox now provides a formal reporting module in the Cloud, however if you would like to build your own reporting system it can be done as follows:   XpressDox can be configured to record every

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