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February 13, 2017

AlignErrorMessages – XpressDox

This command allows the template author for Web interviews to specify where the error messages for data elements in the interview should appear.   Command structure: «AlignErrorMessages(Top)» Examples of usage: «AlignErrorMessages(Top)» will cause any error

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CultureName – XpressDox

This function can be used to take different action depending on the “culture” active at the time. All possible cultures are defined in Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO Values. The function has

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ExpectXSLTFormatNumbers – XpressDox

This is the command that is fundamental to ensuring that XpressDox arithmetic features apply regardless of the format of numbers specified in the Windows Control Panel or chosen by the user. A full explanation of

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InsertHyperlink – XpressDox

XpressDox will insert a Word hyperlink into the assembled document. «InsertHyperlink(‘Our Company Web Site’,’’)» will put the text ‘Our Company Web Site’ into the document, underlined and coloured to look similar to a hyperlink inserted

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Log – XpressDox

Using the Log() function to debug a template   The Log() function takes one argument and would look something like: «Log(Reached the paragraph after A)»   This creates a log message in a file called

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SecondsBetween – XpressDox

The fillpoint «SecondsBetween(Later,Earlier)» will return the number of seconds between the value in data element Later, and that in Earlier. For example: The race started at «ChooseUsingTimePicker(StartTime)»«FormatTime(StartTime,’hh mm tt’)» and ended at «ChooseUsingTimePicker(EndTime)»«FormatTime(EndTime,’hh mm tt’)».

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