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July 16, 2019

The Execute Function

Execute is used when a sequence of functions need to be executed one after the other. It is typically of assistance in the HotDocs® converter. Here is an (admittedly artificial, but useful for illustration) example: «OnExitSet(Name,Number,Value,(),Execute(SetV(‘X’,12),IncrementV(‘X’),GetV(‘X’)),,EvenWhenNotEmpty)» After the focus leaves the Name field, the Number data element will have its

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The Paragraph Command

«Paragraph()» will split a paragraph into two. Providing the name of a Word style, such as «Paragraph(ThisStyle)» will result in the second paragraph resulting from the split having style ThisStyle applied to it.

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The Mod Function

Mod is used to get the remainder when dividing one number by another. It is typically used to divide sets of items into odd and even, or in a Rule. For example: «ForEach(Parent)» «Name» «End()» «Rule(Parent,hard,(count(Parent) mod 2) = 0,’Please enter an even number of parents.’)»

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The HideFromPreview Command

By default, when the user selects to preview the results of an assembly (during the Interview process), the system will display the document generated by the template itself, and any document generated by the MergeTemplate function. Sometimes, the template author may want to restrict the preview functionality to specific templates.

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The EnableWebPreview Command

This command is relevant in the case where the template is to be published to your own Integration Server. It can be used to enable or disable the Preview functionality during the interview process.

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The CompareStrings Function

Comparing two strings for equality and inequality is straightforward.  However, because XpressDox relies heavily on XPATH (XPATH Tutorial), it also is constrained by some XPATH limitations. For example, «If((‘A’ < 'B'))»less«Else()»not less«End()» «If(('B' < 'A'))»less«Else()»not less«End()» will result in not less not less being put into the document. This is

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