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March 14, 2022

With – XpressDox

This article follows on from the Set command article. The With command allows you to add a condition block around one more Set commands, and apply the same conditions to those Set commands. Conditions in Set commands: By way of example, consider several Set commands which all need to apply

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RunTemplate – XpressDox

The RunTemplate function, a function which works in the web only, allows you to create a “package” of templates and run selected templates with separate interviews, one after the other. The product is a package of separate Word (and/or PDF) documents.   Command structure: «RunTemplate(‘TemplateA.xdtpx’)»   Usage example: Consider the

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FormatNumberOnInput – XpressDox

Although users can enter numbers with formatting according to their own region, often they enter numbers with no spaces or other punctuation. The FormatNumberOnInput command assists the user with readability of numbers on the interview. It does not affect the assembled document in any way.   Command structure: «FormatNumberOnInput(‘#,###.##’)» This

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