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January 25, 2023

OnEnterSet – XpressDox

Set the value of a data element on your XpressDox template As its name implies, its functionality is identical to that of OnExitSet, except for the timing. The actions performed by OnEnterSet are initiated when the focus enters the control for the trigger data element.

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position – XpressDox

XpressDox templates make use of XSLT functions The position() function is an XSLT function, but can be used in an XpressDox template to return the position of a repeated item. It is a numeric value, where 1 is the number of the first repeated item. This article provides more background

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AddToAddress – XpressDox

Add additional addresses to your XpressDox email template When using the SaveAsEmail function in your XpressDox template, additional addressees can be added to the email. This command can also be used conditionally, so the user can decide at the time of running the template if additional “To” addresses need to

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