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January 30, 2023

ESignAutomaticSend – XpressDox

Integrate your XpressDox template with DocuSign Click here to learn about the DocuSign integration process, alternatively keep reading for more information about the ESignAutomaticSend() command.   If this command is missing from your template, then after

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last – XpressDox

XpressDox templates make use of XSLT functions The last() function inserts the value of the last repeating item in a given ForEach repeater. It is an XSLT function, but can be used in an XpressDox

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Integrate your XpressDox interview, optionally using SSO

Integrating the XpressDox explorer into a 3rd party application, including SSO: When integrating your XpressDox interview into a 3rd party application, the XpressDox explorer can be embedded in an iFrame using this URL: https://<theXpressDoxInstance>.xpressdox.com/Sso/Start?type=microsoft&iframe=true&domainHint=<yourDomain>  

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Sending emails via Office365 from your XpressDox server account

The following settings must be added to your web.config file if you want to configure your XpressDox server account to send emails via Office365.   <smtp from=”yourFromAddress@email.com”> <network host=”smtp.office365.com” enableSsl=”true” port=”587″ password=”yourPassword” userName=”yourUserName@email.com” defaultCredentials=”false”  />

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