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AttachToEmail – XpressDox

Use «AttachToEmail()» in conjunction with the «SaveAsEmail()» or «SendAsEmail()» functions. There are various implementations for this function.   Scenario 1: Save the current template as an email, and attach another document to the resulting email. Hard

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BaseTemplate- XpressDox

The BaseTemplate command in XpressDox was developed specifically for letterheads, however far more control can be achieved using the IncludeTemplate function. Letterheads are of special interest because they are used as the basis for many

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Using the LogDataElements() function to debug a template   You may have seen you can use the Log() function to write a message into the LogXpressDox.txt file, and also use the LogVariables() to record the

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LogVariables – XpressDox

Using the LogVariables() function to debug a template You may have already tried the Log() function to log a message, and LogDataElements() function to record values of data elements, both of which are recorded in

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CaptureDataElements – XpressDox

Capture data elements on your XpressDox interview   Reasons why you would use this command: You don’t want the value of the data elements added onto the document You want to re-arrange data elements on

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CentsToCurrency – XpressDox

Convert a cents amount back to currency after use in calculations   You can use this function in your XpressDox templates to convert a cents amount back to your currency e.g. 123456 to $1234.56 typically

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The Question Command – XpressDox

The Question Command in XpressDox Document Automation With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the Question command was introduced to simplify the process of template coding. On the XpressDox ribbon click “New

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Sending emails via Office365 from your XpressDox server account

The following settings must be added to your web.config file if you want to configure your XpressDox server account to send emails via Office365.   <smtp from=””> <network host=”” enableSsl=”true” port=”587″ password=”yourPassword” userName=”” defaultCredentials=”false”  />

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Managing XpressDox Tags

What are XpressDox tags The concept of tags has been introduced in v14. It is available in the web only, and is used to present a simplified view of folders and files to the end

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XpressDox user permissions

XpressDox User Permissions Based on the role assigned to the user in XpressDox, these are the functions they will be able to perform. Account Administrator File Administrator Shared Interview User Template Runner Browse files and

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DollarsFrancaise – XpressDox

Convert numbers into words (Dollars in French) in your XpressDox template The DollarsFrancaise function will translate a numeric value into a currency in words, specifically Dollars in French.   Command structure: «DollarsFrancaise(Price)»   Example: «FormatNumber(Price,’#,0.00;’)?»

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