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ChooseUsingCheckBox – XpressDox

Use this command to display a Checkbox on the interview.   Command structure: «ChooseUsingCheckBox(Beneficiary,Y,N,N)»   Examples of usage: The command can be written as simply as this, and when the data element is chosen its

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ChooseUsingDatePicker – XpressDox

Insert a date control onto your XpressDox interview «ChooseUsingDatePicker(Date_of_signature)» will cause a date picker control to be used when the Date_of_signature data element is required to be captured. Like other Choose commands, the ChooseUsingDatePicker command

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ChooseUsingTimePicker – XpressDox

This command is a variant of the CaptureDataElement command which causes a “time picker” control to be placed on the interview to help the user in choosing a time of day correctly. «ChooseUsingTimePicker(AppointmentTime)» As with all

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Install XpressDox Server

Important information to read before installing your XpressDox Server This document contains instructions on how to install your XpressDox Server. Before you start, please note:   The following instructions assume you have the authority and

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Chr – XpressDox

This function can be used to return a character based on its numeric (Unicode) value. Command structure: «Chr(13)»   Examples of usage: «Chr(13)» This will insert a carriage return.   Some further examples: Format an

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ComeHereAfterRun – XpressDox

After a template is run and the document has been produced, the «ComeHereAfterRun()» command will cause the Word cursor to position itself at the point in the document where this command appears. Command Structure «ComeHereAfterRun()»

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CommasAndList – XpressDox

This function is very similar to the List command. The difference is that List operates on repeated data elements (e.g. the names of parties), whereas CommasAndList operates on a list which is contained either in

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Comment – XpressDox

Sometimes a template author will want to record the reasons for using specific commands or document logic, and record this inside the template itself. The Comment command is available for this.

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CompareStrings – XpressDox

Comparing two strings for equality and inequality is straightforward.  However, because XpressDox relies heavily on XPATH (XPATH Tutorial), it also is constrained by some XPATH limitations. For example, «If((‘A’ < 'B'))»less«Else()»not less«End()» «If(('B' < 'A'))»less«Else()»not

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Contains – XpressDox

This function is used to test for a string anywhere inside another string, and would appear inside a command such as If, When or Iif.   Example: «If(contains(Surname,’prmzl’))»«Surname» is not an English name.«End()»   Related

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Count – XpressDox

Count This function can be used to return the number of instances of a given repeated item. «ForEach(Child)» «Child_Name» «End()» Number of children: «count(Child)» Conditions may be added to the «Count» command, as illustrated below:

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CultureName – XpressDox

This function can be used to take different action depending on the “culture” active at the time. All possible cultures are defined in Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO Values. The function has

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DateAsNumber – XpressDox

If you want to compare two dates, then typically you want to know whether one date is later than another. The default way that dates are stored in XpressDox is in the format yyyy-MM-dd (e.g.

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DaysBetween – XpressDox

The DayBetween function returns the number of days between the two dates. For example: I was born on «FormatDate(DateOfBirth,‘d MMMM yyyy’)» which means I am «floor(DaysBetween(Today(),DateOfBirth) div 365.25)» years old.

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Debug – XpressDox

Missing or superfluous End commands When a template is run, XpressDox will check for missing and floating End commands as well as floating Else commands. Wherever possible, the error message warning about one of these

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