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What to expect in v14 of XpressDox

Version 14 of XpressDox is without a doubt our most exciting and innovative update! We are proud to show you some of the features you can expect after upgrading to this version.


Desktop version:

You will find an orientation video here detailing what to expect after upgrading your Desktop version to v14.

  1. XpressDox now includes a Low Code feature set, without compromising on any existing functionality. A Question command has been introduced; a quick way of inserting a new fillpoint / question into the template.


Read more about the Question command here.


  1. The interview has been redesigned, it now has a much more modern look and feel.


  1. An Interview Manager has been introduced; a simple way of re-ordering questions on the interview, creating tabs on the fly and re-ordering tabs. Simply drag fields around to their new position on the interview!Read more about the Interview Manager here.


  1. The ribbon has been redesigned to accommodate the new features, including an easy way to insert Repeating questions, and If blocks.


    Remember to keep an eye on our videos page for videos on authoring tools.


    Cloud version:

    Watch videos on what to expect from v14 of the web here.

    1. The web interface has been redesigned.



    1. Some changes have been made around Data options. You can now Use Previous Data like you can in the Desktop, and data is auto-saved and can be reloaded when running an interview that was not previously assembled.


    1. The concept of ‘Current’ and ‘Recent’ interviews has been implemented. These are links to the current interview should you have navigated away, as well as a list of the most recently run interviews, all with the ability to run with the previously used data.
    2. Interviews, as well as the entire web application, are fully responsive.
    3. Entire folders can be uploaded.
    4. Permissions have been improved, users who do not have access to folders will not see those folders in the Explorer.
    5. Now individual templates, as well as Folders, can be added to your Favorites.
    6. Other exciting features such as assemble to email, and DocuSign integration have been introduced.

    Read more about assembling to email here.