The NEW XpressDox Version 14 is now available!

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Saving to NetDocuments

From v14, XpressDox integrates fully into NetDocuments. There are a few steps to follow in order to save assembled documents to NetDocuments.  This is an overview article; click on the links provided to access detailed step-by-step instructions.     Step 1: Add your XpressDox instance as an application within NetDocuments Do

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DocuSign integration

From v14 onwards, XpressDox supports a full integration with DocuSign. There are some commands you need to know about when authoring templates for DocuSign integration.   Template design: ESignAddSignatory Before anything else, add signatories to your template. Specify the name and email address, as well as their signing priority in

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Interview Integration – JavaScript and iFrame

Over and above the API (Server to Server Communication), XpressDox also offers Interivew Integration. (3rd Party Server to Browser to XpressDox Server Communication). Integration Information The XpressDox Server provides code snippets to make integration of interviews really easy for you. To access these snippets: Sign in to your XpressDox Cloud

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