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HotDocs Conversion

What to Expect of the Conversion from HotDocs

Overview The HotDocs® (HD) converter released with Version 11 of XpressDox will attempt as far as possible to prepare a set of XpressDox templates which, ideally, the user will be able to run as-is after the conversion is complete. Firstly, there are quite a few terminological and usage differences. Here

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How to Convert HotDocs Templates to XpressDox Templates

Whether you are simply looking for a better–priced alternative to HotDocs, or maybe you want to run your Desktop templates on the Web, XpressDox is a smart choice. Join the growing number of firms who are looking for better value for money! XpressDox is as powerful as HotDocs with over

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Foreign Templates to XpressDox syntax conversion

A “foreign” template is a template marked up for use in another document assembly system, such as HotDocs®, GhostFill® or DealBuilder®/ContractExpress®.  The discussion below applies to HotDocs when using XpressDox versions prior to version 4, but after version 4 the discussion applies equally to GhostFill, DealBuilder and documents using Word

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Convert templates from other systems to XpressDox format

Templates authored in HotDocs®, GhostFill® and other document assembly systems can, with varying degrees of certainty, be converted to run successfully with XpressDox. Why this works In principle, almost any delimiters can be used by XpressDox as fillpoint delimiters. For historic reasons, the « and » pair were chosen as

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