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Comparison of XpressDox Server Functionality

Feature Cloud/Integration WinAuth (not available from v14 onwards) Authentication Forms Authentication Windows Authentication (Active Directory) Hosted Self-hosted or SaaS Local Network Folder structure Restricted to Registered Account Configured via shared Settings file Folder permissions Restricted

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Install XpressDox Server

Important information to read before installing your XpressDox Server This document contains instructions on how to install your XpressDox Server. Before you start, please note:   The following instructions assume you have the authority and

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Sending emails via Office365 from your XpressDox server account

The following settings must be added to your web.config file if you want to configure your XpressDox server account to send emails via Office365.   <smtp from=””> <network host=”” enableSsl=”true” port=”587″ password=”yourPassword” userName=”” defaultCredentials=”false”  />

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Managing XpressDox Tags

What are XpressDox tags The concept of tags has been introduced in v14. It is available in the web only, and is used to present a simplified view of folders and files to the end

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XpressDox user permissions

XpressDox User Permissions Based on the role assigned to the user in XpressDox, these are the functions they will be able to perform. Account Administrator File Administrator Shared Interview User Template Runner Browse files and

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New web interface (v14) – XpressDox

From v14, the web environment has an exciting new look, and is packed with new features. Quick orientation video:   Detailed tutorial videos: The Explorer: The Interview and Data options: For Account Administrators: The “Manage”

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UAT testing – XpressDox

All server releases are rolled to UAT instances before being promoted to Live. You can login to the corresponding UAT instance to test your templates against new releases.

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Set Web Information for a Template

These commands will enable the template author to control the workflow around templates which are uploaded and run on an XpressDox server.   SendWebEMail You can provide as many of these commands as necessary. The

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Which API should I use?

XpressDox has three APIs.  The choice of which to use depends on the particular application and situation. XpressDox Engine API The XpressDox Engine API comes in two flavours – the first is for access from

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Understanding Template Identifiers

What is a template identifier (template ID): When a template is uploaded to a cloud environment it is assigned a template identifier. This template ID is used in integrations between XpressDox and 3rd party applications.

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