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Converting old delimiters << to chevrons - XpressDox

XpressDox Document Automation Software If you are a long time user of XpressDox you may be aware that some years back we changed our Fillpoint delimiters from << >> to « ». It is of course fine to stay with either type of Fillpoint delimiters, and you can set your preference

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How to install a new desktop license

From your XpressDox ribbon, click on Settings and then on License. Now click Get New and paste in the new XpressDox license which was sent to you by the XpressDox Consultant. Now click Install. Your new license has now been applied.

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Troubleshooting XpressDox installations

Existing users of XpressDox: XpressDox has vanished from my Word toolbar (for existing users) If XpressDox was showing in your toolbar previously, but is no longer doing so, Word may have disabled the XpressDox add–in. This sometimes happens with Word or Windows updates, or if Word experiences a technical problem,

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How do I know what the data element name is?

In troubleshooting a template, you need to know the data element names.  Obviously. But looking at an interview, the data element names are not always obvious, especially if you have used the «Caption» command. Another situation is with ChooseFromDataSource, and ChooseFromFile (and the Include… variants of those commands), where XpressDox

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Troubleshooting missing pictures in documents

Normally pictures, logos, etc., are handled without problems by XpressDox. But sometimes the pictures go missing from the merged document and are replaced by a red X in a box. This recipe discusses why this can happen and gives some advice on how to correct the situation.

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Where have all my data elements gone?

Sometimes you will have marked up a template and then when you run it, one or more of the data elements don’t appear in the data capture interview. Conversely, sometimes the data element may appear in the capture interview but not on the merged document. This Cookbook recipe gives the background to why this might be, and what you can do about it.

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