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All commands regarding Variables – XpressDox

Learn about each command regarding Variables in the XpressDox Document Automation Command Library   This is a consolidated list regarding all commands regarding Variables. Along with each command you will find a short description and usage example if applicable. However, there are links to more detailed articles provided on each

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Using variables to calculate totals

XpressDox give the template author the ability to perform calculations and other operations on the values of data elements, and to store those values in variables for later use in the template. One example of this is the ability to calculate totals on repeated data elements.

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Shortcuts when using variables

With effect from Version 7, there are a number of shortcuts for referring to some of the variable-handling functions. They were introduced to take away the amount of typing necessary when many variables are being used. A full list of the shortcuts is as follows: ::A – AppendVr ::G –

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Handling calculations and Regional Settings in XpressDox

The contents of this article apply to Version 4 (and later) of XpressDox. Enhanced calculation support has been added in Version 9. If you have that version installed and are licensed for it, rather read Arithmetic in XpressDox XpressDox uses a technology called XSLT at the core of its assembly

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