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Advanced Conditional Logic

Suppose you would like to write a sentence something like one of the following, depending on the age of a child:

My child <ChildName> is a teenager and is allowed to watch movies rated for 13 and older.


My child <ChildName> is not a teenager but in any case, being <Age>, is old enough to be allowed to watch movies rated for 13 and older.


My child <ChildName> is not a teenager.

Assume you have a data element Age which has the child’s age.  Deciding on whether the child is a teenager or not is a matter of querying whether Age is between 13 and 19, both included.

Here’s how you would do it – notice the use of ‘or’ inside the first condition:

My child «ChildName» is «If(Age < 13 or Age > 19)»not «End()»a teenager«If(Age >= 13)»«If(Age > 19)» but in any case, being «Age»,is old enough«Else()» and is allowed«End()» to watch movies rated for 13 and older«End()».

Another one: suppose you want to write a sentence which has either the child’s name or, if the child is not yet a teenager, the nick-name, but only if the child in fact has a nickname. This time ‘and’ is used inside the condition:

My child «If(Age < 13 and NickName != ‘’)»«NickName»«Else()»«ChildName»«End()» is a genius.

Try these examples out: just select and copy this article in the browser, paste into Word and click the XpressDox “Run This Template” button.