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Adding comments to an XpressDox template

When the template logic becomes complicated or there is some other need to record why certain constructs were used in a template, then commenting becomes useful and necessary.

Comments can be added to a template in two ways:

1. Include the comment text in the command itself.  (This applies to commands as against functions, although this will be rectified with time. More information on commands and functions is available at Commands and Functions).

This is done by typing the comment after the closing parenthesis of the command, e.g.:

«ForEach(Child[Age < 12]) produce a list of the children aged below 12»

2. The second mechanism for entering a comment in to the template is to use the Comment command, e.g.:

«Comment(The next few lines will produce a list of the children and their ages.  This is necessary for clarification purposes.)»

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