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Apply a different letter head depending on the user’s choice

In the article Create a letter head template the BaseTemplate command is used to implement a letter head solution.

In some cases, there is a choice of letterheads and the user should be able to choose, in the interview, which letterhead is to be used for a particular letter. This would be a good solution for the case where the user acts on behalf of a number of companies, and needs to send the same letter on various occasions, sometimes from one company and sometimes from another.

How you would go about this, is to create a template for each of the different companies. In fact, probably two templates for each company, one with the header part of the letterhead and one with the footer part. Suppose you name these pairs of template after the company names, like Letterhead_Header_Company1.xdtpx, Letterhead_Footer_Company1.xdtpx, Letterhead_Header_Company2.xdtpx, Letterhead_Header_Company2.xdtpx, etc. (obviously, you would use the actual company name in the place of “Company1” and “Company2”) Then, in the templates which require those letterheads, you would put the following (or something like it) into the header (i.e. the Word document’s header) of each template:


In the interview, the user would be presented with a radio-button list of the companies to choose from, and then the InsertTemplate will use that company name to construct the name of the header part of the letterhead.

Then, in the footer of each template requiring these letterheads, you would have


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