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Cooperating with Document Management Systems

XpressDox does not integrate with document management (DM) systems, in the strict sense of the word.  However, there are various tools available to the template author to make cooperation with a DM almost seamless.


Firstly, the configuration can be set up to stop XpressDox from saving the merged documents into the Windows file system (which is the default place where merged documents get saved).

In the configuration for the templates (which in the simplest case is in the folder where the templates are), choose the setting “Save Interview Data Only” by clicking in the Yes button, as in the screenshot:

This will ensure that when a template is run, the user will not have the option to click the “Save merged Document” checkbox in the interview, and the merged document will be opened in an “unsaved” state in Word (it will get the name “Document1” or “Document2” or whatever –the document name that Word assigns to new, unsaved documents).  Then the user can use the DM’s “Save” feature to save the document into the DM (if the DM has exposed this in Word, which the good ones do).

It might be that you do not even want the data set saved by XpressDox.  This is, however, not optional.  What you can do, though, is to get all the data sets saved to one file per user, by configuring the Data Save Folder and then also configure the Pattern for saved file name to be (or to contain) <WindowsLogonUser>.

Setting DM Properties

The various properties (or at least some of them) which can be assigned to a document when saving in the DM can be pre-set using two of the XpressDox features, i.e. the «SetCustomDocumentProperty()» command, and the «RunWordMacro()» command.  The SetCustomDocumentProperty can set a Word Custom Document Property, and can be used any number of times to set any number of properties, and then the RunWordMacro can be used to run a Word macro (actually, any number of macros) which then interrogates those custom document properties and can even (depending on the DM) go on to save the document directly into the DM.

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