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Define Folder Shortcuts

Suppose you have defined a set of folders to contain clauses for insertion using the My Clauses or Shared Clauses features in the XpressDox ribbon.  Normally you would group clauses together into folders containing clauses for similar uses.  For example, they might be “Contracts”, “Notices”, “Letters”, etc.

In some cases the folder and sub-folder structure can get quite extensive.  In particular, when choosing a clause from a folder  deep in the folder structure, you might just want to be able to navigate quickly to another folder containing, maybe, more generic clauses.  In case these generic clauses are not visible in the XpressDox Explorer, you, as a template author, could create shortcuts to those generic folders in the following way:

  1. Make a text file where each line consists of a shortcut definition.
  2. A shortcut definition is a description of the folder, a pipe symbol “|”, and then the folder itself.
  3. The folder can be a full absolute path, or else a path relative to the folder in question – e.g. ..\..\GeneralClauses
  4. Save the text file with the name XDShortCutFolders.txt in the folder where you want the shortcuts to show.
  5. The XDShortCutFolders.txt file will not be visible to template runners, only to template authors.

An example of a shortcut file would be:

English Contract Clauses|..\..\English\Contracts
French Contract Clauses|F:\Clauses\Francaise\Contrats

The shortcuts will be sequenced alphabetically in the Explorer along with the normal sub-folders. If you want the shortcuts sorted at the beginning, for instance, then start the “description” part of the definition (the part before the “|” symbol) with one or more spaces.

Although this example relates to shortcuts and clauses folders, the shortcut feature applies to any folder which is displayed by the XpressDox Explorer.