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Run a “mail merge”

You want to print a document for a number of clients, where all the client contact information as well as pertinent information for the document content is contained in a database.

The database is defined in a data source called “Clients”. You want to send the document to all clients where the column “Mailshot” in the data base table contains the value “yes”.

A snippet of a template to do this would look like:

«IncludeDataSourceData(Clients,,range=Mailshot = ‘yes’)»
«If(position() > 1)»…….Page Break……«End()»

Dear «Salutation»

Body of letter

«End(foreach client)»

The «If(position() > 1)» will insert a page break at the beginning of each client except for the first, so that the letter to each client appears on its own page. In constructing the Word template, where the text “….Page Break….” appears above, you would insert a Word page break, and take care that there are no paragraph ends between the «If(position() > 1)» and its «End()». Have a look at the template “Invitation(Like a Mailmerge)” in the My Documents\XpressDox\Samples folder.

Because no data are needed to be captured when this template is run, the “Batch Run” toolbar button is used to run the mail merge template.

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