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Protecting your template investment

A number of the larger firms I have encountered tell me that they don’t need document assembly because they have automated all of their documents using Microsoft® VBA. However VBA is a programming environment, which means that documents can only be edited by someone familiar with it. The obvious risk for a firm is that the programmer leaves and their replacement takes some time to learn how the documents were created. Often it is simply easier for a new developer to create document templates from scratch.

But with document assembly, understanding what a previous template creator did is much simpler. This ensures that documents live on after a template creator has left the firm. It also means that you won’t need to employ expensive programmers to manage your template library.

Those firms who already have some or all of their document templates developed in VBA may take time to migrate them to a document assembly system such as XpressDox Docussembly™. In practice however, the two systems can easily run in parallel as the template platform is migrated.

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