Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for training?

The first step is to watch all of the tutorial videos (they are short and easy to follow) and only then to consider additional training. Most new users are able to get up and running themselves after watching the videos. If you still require additional training that can be arranged online, or we can refer you to one of our Certified Partners around the world.

Can I use XpressDox on a Mac?

You can run templates from a browser on a Mac, but you cannot design templates on a Mac.

Can XpressDox output to a PDF document?

Yes. XpressDox goes even further by allowing you to select whether the PDF will be protected or standard.

Does XpressDox work with PDF forms?

Yes. You can create an XpressDox interview which will populate fields on a PDF form - for example a government form.

Can XpressDox do calculations?

Absolutely. XpressDox will handle any calculation you can think of. It will even add up columns of numbers or amounts in a table.

How do I get support?

Read this article for ways to find support.

How does the pricing work?

See the pricing page here.