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How to Integrate an Interview into your Application (JavaScript or iFrame)

Step 1. Upload the template solution to the cloud

The first step is to design, author and upload the template ‘solution’ to the cloud. Usually a solution comprises a number of templates and supporting files, as in this case.

Step 2. Copy and paste the integration code from the cloud

There should be a particular template that runs your solution. Locate that template within your cloud account. Then click to the right of the template name, and choose the ‘Include in your Page’ option, as shown below. Need a cloud account? Register a Cloud Account free trial.

javascript integration include in your page

Step 3. Include the code snippets in your page

Follow the instructions to select a user profile and configure your results page URL. Then click ‘Show Me How’ for XpressDox to generate the code snippets for you. There are instructions and comments within the snippets to guide you.

javascript integration include in your page

Step 4. View your page