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Setting up XpressDox integration with iManage Work

This is step 1 in the process of configuring assembled documents to save to iManage. Click here for an overview of saving into iManage.

Setting up XpressDox integration with iManage Work


Regardless of whether your XpressDox instance is self-hosted, or hosted on one of our cloud servers, if you use iManage Work there is some setup involved before assembled documents can be saved from XpressDox into iManage.


Add the XpressDox application

Follow this link to add the XpressDox application in iManage.


Some hints when adding the application: (where the text is bold the value is prescribed, otherwise the values are suggestions)


Fields Description
Name XpressDox
API Key Specify a key (which you will also need for your XpressDox configuration in Step 2)
API Secret Specify a secret, or auto-generate one (also needed for the XpressDox configuration)
Description Document Assembly Solution
Publisher XpressDox PTY Ltd
Type Web: Application on web
Client Type Confidential
Redirect URL https://<theXpressDoxInstance>/Public/OAuthResult.aspx

http://localhost:54532 (to use the iManage integration in XpressDox Desktop)

Allow Refresh Token Yes


Everything else can be left as the default values.


*A note about the Redirect URL:

If your XpressDox is self-hosted, then the Redirect URL might look like this:

If you use one of our Cloud servers, then the Redirect URL would like this:



Now move on to Step 2 in the process.