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Version 2.2.9 (2009-11-02)

  1. The Data Source Name Mapping feature will enable you to change the names of one or more data elements in the data set extracted from a data source. This is to enable resolution of name clashes when introducing data from a data source into a template which was designed without that data source in mind. Alternatively, if a template has been set up with various data element names and these do not correspond to those in a data source, then the Data Source Name Mapping feature can be used to effect such a correspondence.
  2. Prior to this version, fields which the template author had designated as Required would appear in the data capture dialog with their names (or captions) underlined. The Required option is now indicated by preceding the data element caption in the data capture dialog with an asterisk.

Please note that version 2.2.8 was an internal release which included various bug fixes, and did not appear on the web site.

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