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Version 2.3.1 (2010-03-03)

  1. Captions and Headings can have their style (Bold, Italic, Underline) and colour set by the template author.  Please read the article Styling and coloring the Caption and Heading.
  2. A new feature called Document per Repeated Item empowers the template author on the one hand and the template user on the other to produce a merged version of the template for each of any number of different parties. Thus, for instance, a separate form (one per director) providing collateral by each of the directors of a company can be produced by running one template.
  3. The handling of quotes in commands and functions has been rationalised: there are some commands where quotes are not necessary as delimiters of literal strings (e.g. «ChooseFromRDBLIst(Gender,Male,Female)»).  This caused some confusion in the past, especially as an If command testing the value of Gender would require the value tested against to be in quotes (e.g. «If(Gender = ‘Male’)»).  It is now permissible (but not obligatory) to enclose string literals in commands in quotes, which would mean that the command «ChooseFromRDBLIst(Gender, ‘Male’, ‘Female’)» will function in exactly the same way as the first example.  This in turn means that you can safely follow the rule “All string literals, except for the names of data elements, are enclosed in quotes”.
  4. The XpressDox-in-Word API has been enhanced.  The documentation for this will be found in the Word document XpressDox In Word API Specification.doc which will have been copied into your My Documents\XpressDox folder (or similar but differently named folder for Vista and Windows 7) when you first load Word after installing this version.
  5. There were a few quirks in the Template Painter which have now been ironed out. Some extra functionality was added to highlight superfluous End commands.
  6. The Help feature has been enhanced in that when there is help on a field, the Help area on the data capture dialog will flash on and off and the system will make the “Beep” sound.  This will draw the user’s attention to the fact that there are instructions for completing the field.  There is a facility to disable this feature – available to each user (by right-clicking in the Help area).
  7. Pressing the <Ctrl> and <Alt> keys (together) when the data capture dialog is displayed will provide information to help with trouble shooting complex nested-If logic.
  8. There are many other changes which will be apparent once the affected features are being used, and are of the nature of making the features more intuitive, so you will probably not even notice them, or be pleasantly surprised when you do.
  9. New commands introduced are:
  • SetCustomDocumentProperty which enables the template author to set a custom document property in the list of MS Word custom document properties in the merged document.
  • Debug. This command is used (when recommended by XpressDox in a warning message) to locate floating (superfluous) End and Else commands in the template.

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