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Version 4.3.5 (2012-07-23)

2012-07-23 Version 4.3.5

  1. Various minor bugs and unpleasantnesses have been fixed.
  2. The bug in the implementation of HzGroup where a condition applied to only one data element in the group was applied to the whole group has been fixed.
  3. There was a bug (in version 4) in the InsertFormattedText command which would not accept XpressDox functions as the first parameter. This is now fixed.
  4. The Select/Case/Default set of commands has been released officially.  These commands have been available for a while now, but have not been made visible in the Command Editor until this version.
  5. The The ValueIsEmpty function function has been introduced.  «If(ValueIsEmpty(Name))» will be the same as «If(Name != ”)» even when the data element Name does not exist in the data set.
  6. The Guid() function is introduced.  It will return a new Globally Unique Identifier.  This is for data base and XML gurus.  If you’re not sure what a GUID is or why you should use it, then probably it doesn’t matter, but have a look at this article in Wikipedia.

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