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Version 4.4.0 (2012-09-20)

2012-09-19 Version 4.4.0

  1. The template converter (to convert templates constructed for other document assembly systems) has been improved.  In particular, there is now an analysis tool which makes construction of the “FieldConvertDictionary” file much easier than it was.
  2. If the template has a Word Table of Contents in it, then the command «FlagTOCToBeUpdated(Yes)» will cause Word (when the merged document is opened) to issue a message asking if the fields in the document should be updated.
  3. Office does not handle very large documents (somewhere bigger than about 400 pages) created by add-ins (like XpressDox) in Word.  XpressDox will detect this when it happens and suggest using the «RunAsHugeTemplate(Yes)» command.
  4. The command «DefineSetAllGroup()» is a nice short hand to setting up a group of check boxes (or radio button lists) where checking (or unchecking) the first check box causes all the check boxes in the group to be checked (or unchecked).
  5. The BaseTemplate command can now be placed in the header.  It still needs to be the first command in the document, and the header should contain no other commands (because the header and footer are ignored anyway).
  6. There was a bug which caused XpressDox to fail when a template name started with more than one numeric digit.  This has been fixed.

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