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Version 4.5.2 (2012-10-26)

2012-10-22 Version 4.5.2

  1. The command «IncludePicture()» will include a graphic from a file (.jpg, .png, etc.) into the document at the point it is encountered in the template.  InsertPicture will do the same, but can be provided with the name of a file which is constructed during the assembly of the document, or else the file name can be provided in the interview by the user running the template.
  2. Hyperlinks in a template which is included (or which issues a BaseTemplate command) will now be copied correctly into the merged document.
  3. The AppendVr and PrependVr functions provide less cumbersome syntax for appending or prefixing  values to variables than using SetVr to do this.
  4. The template conversion utility has been improved, for instance it now handles DealBuilder®/ContractExpress® templates.
  5. A message about file/folder permissions was being shown to the user even though they were not attempting to save a file to that folder.  This has been fixed.
  6. From this version of XpressDox onwards, XpressDox can be installed and run in Word 2013.

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