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Version 5.1.6 (2013-06-12)

2013-06-12 Version 5.1.6

This is mainly a bug-fix release, and some new features have been included.

The new features are:

  1. The Empty Marker set with SetEmptyMarker can be, or start or end with, one or more spaces.
  2. The IncludeFileData command now supports <..> syntax in the construction of the file name, e.g. «IncludeFileData(AgreementInfo<AgreementType>.xml)» (obviously, as long as the data element name(s) inside the <..> are known when the interview is about to be constructed).
  3. The inclusion of <WindowsLogonUser> (note the single angle brackets) in the configuration for Standard Folders is supported correctly.

Bug fixes include:

  1. Extra space after “One” and “Een” in the NumberPhrase function is removed.
  2. The relevance in the desktop interview of fields not in a grid but depending on values in a grid has been improved.
  3. The layout of the first row of a grid where fields in the grid are subject to conditions used to cause the lower part of the first row to be truncated.  This is now fixed.
  4. Sometimes grids were not being “repainted” when conditions were applied.  This is fixed.
  5. The default “Documents” folder for the merged documents is no longer created when a merged document is not in fact saved.
  6. When the condition on an OnExistSet or OnEnterSet terminated in multiple right-hand parentheses, these parentheses were deleted.  No more.
  7. Relevance in the desktop interview is improved where fields are dependent on the count function applied to repeaters.

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