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AddBCCAddress – XpressDox

Add BCC addresses to your XpressDox email template

When using the SaveAsEmail function in your XpressDox template, additional addressees can be added to the email. This post shows how BCC addresses can be conditionally added.

«Comment(conditionally include a BCC in this template)»
«if(BCC_Required = ‘Yes’)»

Sequence of fields on the interview:

Note how the AddBCCAddress function appears before SaveAsEmail. This is an important sequence. However it does mean that the fields on your interview will appear in a less than ideal sequence.

Add a BCC address to your XpressDox template when you want to save as an email template.

Use the Interview Manager on the XpressDox ribbon to drag the fields to new positions on the interview until you end up with this:

Use the XpressDox Interview Manager to resequence the fields on the interview form in your template


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