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AreYouReadyToAssembleMessage – XpressDox

Provide a confirmation button on the XpressDox interview:

The AreYouReadyToAssembleMessage command provides a pop up message just before the Assemble button on the XpressDox template interview. The template author can supply custom wording to the user, such as a confirmation that they are ready to proceed to assembly. Or in the case of a Shared Interview, that they are ready to submit data.


XpressDox document automation. Are you ready to assemble your template confirmation button


Examples of usage:

With no condition on the Assemble Message:

«AreYouReadyToAssembleMessage(Are you sure you are ready to submit?)»

Only show the pop up message to users when sharing an interview:

«AreYouReadyToAssembleMessage(Are you sure you are ready to submit?,IsTrue(XD_isSharedInterviewMode))»

Build the text of the message dynamically:

«AreYouReadyToAssembleMessage(<Client_Name>!, are you sure you are ready to submit this interview?)»



This feature is available from v14 web and v14 Modern interview. It is not available in the Classic interview.

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