CaptureAllDataElements – XpressDox

Discussion of this command is best done in the context of “relevance”.  Relevance refers to the set of algorithms that XpressDox uses to decide whether a particular control for a data element should appear on the interview or not.

Commands such as «ChooseFromList()» and other Choose commands will cause the relevant control to appear in the interview only if the data element being chosen appears elsewhere in the template, either to be inserted into the merged document, or to take part in an If, When, SetV, etc.

For example, «ChooseFromRDBList(Gender,Male,Female)» will cause the radio button list to appear on the interview only if the value of Gender is used elsewhere in the template.

Some templates have been designed as master templates and capturing of data elements is required even when those data elements are not used on the master template, but will be used in other templates such as those constructed via a «MergeTemplate()» function.  In this situation the individual data elements can be forced onto the interview with «CaptureDataElement()», or else the command «CaptureAllDataElements(Yes)» can be included on the template to force all otherwise hidden data elements onto the interview.  The «SetInterviewDataOnly(yes)» command also has this effect.

Note that this feature is available only in Version 4 and later of XpressDox.