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The CaptureDataElement and CaptureDataElements Commands

The commands in XpressDox which control the format of the interview do typically not appear on the interview unless they are required in the template being run.  This mechanism allows, amongst others, the specification of all interview-layout commands in one template which is then included (with IncludeTemplate or IncludeCodeTemplate) by the templates requiring that layout; at the same time, only the data elements required for the creation of the merged document from the including template will be presented in the interview.

Forcing Capture

However, it may be that one or more data elements are required to be captured.  The CaptureDataElement command will achieve this.

For example:



Controlling Sequence

The sequence of controls on an interview is determined by the first occurrence of the data element in the template.  Thus:




will cause the radio button list for data element BuyerGender to appear in the interview before that for SellerGender.


The CaptureDataElements variation of this command will permit the specification of more than one data element to be captured:


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