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CaptureDataElements – XpressDox

Capture data elements on your XpressDox interview


Reasons why you would use this command:

  1. You don’t want the value of the data elements added onto the document
  2. You want to re-arrange data elements on your interview


Command structure:

«CaptureDataElements(Name,Address,Contact_Number) »



  1. This command is a variation on the «CaptureDataElement() » command but allows for the capture of multiple data elements at a time.
  2. One of the uses of CaptureDataElements is to re-arrange the sequence of the interview. However the Manage Interview, introduced in v14, makes it much easier to do this. Now you can simply drag and drop!
  3. And using the Question command, also introduced in v14, you can state that a Question is for Capture purposes only.