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CaptureInGrid – XpressDox

Present repeating data to the user in a grid format –  a bit like a spreadsheet.


Command structure:



Examples of usage:

Full Name: «FullNames»
Type: «ChooseFromList(Type,,Individual,Entity)»«Type»
Contact number: «ContactNumber»

The original mechanism for capturing repeated data in the classic / pre-v14 interview was for each instance of the repeater to be presented in the XpressDox interview’s tree view, and for the v14 /  web interview it is on a separate form, but with the inclusion of the «CaptureInGrid()» into the above snippet, the interview would look like this:


Capture repeaters as spreadsheets onto your XpressDox interview



  1. Click “Add Party” to add a new instance of the repeater.
  2. There is a “Delete” button to the right to delete the item.
  3. Click on the “Edit” button to open the item in the traditional form
  4. Drag the items up and down in the list to re-arrange them.