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CaptureInGrid – XpressDox

CaptureInGrid offers a different way to present repeating data to the user and that is in a grid format –  a bit like a spreadsheet.


Command structure:



Examples of usage:

First Names: «FirstNames»
Date of birth: «FormatDate(DateOfBirth,'MMMM d, yyyy')»
Attends School: «AttendsSchool»«ChooseFromList(AttendsSchool,Yes,No)»

The original mechanism for capturing repeated data in the interview was for each instance of the repeater to be presented in the XpressDox interview’s tree view, but with the inclusion of «CaptureInGrid(Child,Yes)» into the above snippet, the desktop interview would look like this:








Notice that an empty row is provided.  As soon as the user enters data into any part of the grid row (i.e. into FirstNames, or DateOfBirth or AttendsSchool), then a new empty row will be added for further items to be included into the repeater.

The controls in the grid are exactly the same as if they were included in a normal interview screen accessed via the tree view – i.e a text area, a date picker and a list.  Other controls such as checkboxes and radio button lists are also possible.  All of the interview layout commands are available – e.g. Caption, Width, Font and even Heading and Footing, although the latter two are likely to cause unwanted effects on layout of the grid.

Consider placing Heading and Footing text on a Placeholder above the Grid.


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