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This command will present a list of radio buttons arranged horizontally in the interview form.  In all other respects it is functionally equivalent to the ChooseFromRDBList command.


Command structure:




By default the first value in the fillpoint will be selected, but it is possible to remove the default by adding an additional comma in front of that first value. Like this:





Why is my list not on my interview?

If you have created a “Choose” command but not used the value anywhere in the template, then there is no need for the user to select its value and then no need for it to be placed on the interview. It will be placed on the interview when its value is used in examples such as:


Inserting the selected text into the assembled document:



Using the selected text in document logic:

«If(Entity_Type = 'Individual')»
«FirstName» «LastName»
«If(Entity_Type = 'Corporate')»


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