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ChooseFromSamples – XpressDox

Present a list of choices to the user, in a drop down list, except that in this case the user is permitted to type their own value and is not restricted to just the items in the list.


Command structure:

«ChooseFromSamples(Salutation,Yours faithfully,Yours sincerely,Kind regards)»«Salutation»


In all other respects this command behaves the same as the ChooseFromList.


Document Logic:

It is probably best, when using document logic, to use a different type of list.

«If(Marital_Status = 'Married')»

The above would be better than allowing a ChooseFromSamples for the Marital_Status question. When using an If statement you as the template author want to be sure you know what answers to expect so that the document logic will always work correctly. Allowing a ChooseFromSamples, or in fact any free format field, will allow users to insert any text. Even if users were to insert the word ‘married’ with a lower case ‘m’ it would cause the If statement to fail.


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