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ComeHereAfterRun – XpressDox

After a template is run and the document has been produced, the «ComeHereAfterRun()» command will cause the Word cursor to position itself at the point in the document where this command appears.

Command Structure



Examples of usage

Typically this would be used in a general letter which is based on a letterhead (perhaps a letter containing only the addressee information and a closing, but no body) to prompt the user to type in the body of the letter when the merge process is complete.

Re: «ReForLetter»
Yours faithfully



This command is typically used only in the desktop (Word) implementation where the document is assembled in Word and after assembly the cursor is placed in the correct position for the user to begin typing the contents of the letter. It does not work in the web where the user first has to download the assembled document; the cursor will not be in the correct position in a saved Word document after the XpressDox assembly is complete.


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