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Configuration for folder settings

Every folder where templates can be stored, and from which they are selected with the Run Template function, can have a configuration saved in it.

When a folder is selected as the Configuration for folder, it means that the configuration settings entered on the screen will be saved in that folder.

This in turn means that when a template is run from that folder, those configuration settings will be in effect for the Run Template operation.

XpressDox Docussembly™ configuration dialog

Whenever the user chooses a template to be run, whether from the Run Template button, or Run Template with Existing Data, or when a template is run from the Favourite Templates menu, XpressDox will look up the configuration which is saved in the folder where that template is selected from, and apply that configuration.

A user can run one template from one location and then switch to a template from another location, and the configuration for the particular location will be applied.

Home folder

Each user has a Home folder, which is the folder My Documents\XpressDox. This folder will be created by XpressDox when it is installed. At that time the installer will also put a sample template into the Home folder.

The Home button browses straight to the Home folder. When the Home folder is the one being configured, the Home button is disabled.

a. This is the only folder in which the Favourite Templates can be configured, and from which they will be read to produce the Favourite Templates menu in Microsoft® Office Word.

b. The Standard Data Elements settings for this folder will override any conflicting Standard Data Elements settings from any other folder. See also merging of configuration settings.

c. The Home folder is the place where Office Settings are configured.

Pressing the Copy button will give the user the option to browse to the configuration settings in another folder and copy those settings for this folder.

The user can enter a helpful description of this folder here.