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Configuring office settings

The Office Letterhead Template

The Basic Template Author toolbar provides a function which inserts a BaseTemplate command into the template being authored, where the path to the template is the full file path configured in this area.

This means that a template for the firm’s letterhead can be saved in a centrally available location, and all template authors will easily be able to refer to it in their templates.

The Shared Clauses Library Folder

This folder is configured in the users’ Home Configuration. It is then used together with the Office Clauses toolbar button. When this feature is selected from within Microsoft® Office Word, then the XpressDox Explorer presents the contents of the Shared Clauses Library Folder to the user. The user then selects a clause which is inserted into the active Word document.

XpressDox Docussembly™ office settings configuration

Shared Explorer Folders

Using the XpressDox Explorer, the user can create lists of folders under their My Folders entry in the Explorer treeview.

A site administrator can set up folder lists which can then be made available to all users. The mechanisms for doing this is explained in the XpressDox Supervisor’s Guide, available only to those who have purchased the software.

Shared Data Sources

Data sources that can be shared by a number of users can be referenced from the user’s Home Folder and then are available to all templates used by that user. This is as long as they are referenced in the relevant template with the IncludeDataSourceData or ChooseFromDataSource commands.

Shared data sources would be configured by someone like a site IT Administrator. The mechanism is to configure them in some or other folder and then copy the configuration file to the shared location. This is described more fully in the XpressDox Supervisor’s Guide.