The CreateDataElement Command

The CreateDataElement function will add a new data element to the data set for the template.

The data element created by CreateDataElement is not available in the template being run, but will be available to the post-run processes. This means that the new data element will be saved with the data set for the template, for use in future templates. It also means that the new data element is available for merging into file and folder patterns configured in the Standard Folders section of the template folder configurations.

An example of the use of this function would be: «CreateDataElement('FileNameFromReference',GetValidFileName(Reference,'-'))». This function call will extract a valid file name from the value of Reference, and assign that value to a new data element called FileNameFromReference. The new data element can then be used in the configuration for the template folder Standard Folders as a file-or-folder name pattern without the fear that a user might enter an illegal file name character when capturing a value for data element Reference.

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