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ESignAddSignatory – XpressDox

Click here to learn about the DocuSign integration process, alternatively keep reading for more information about the ESignAddSignatory() command.


Add the name and email address of signatories into a template, as well as their signing priority, for integration into Docusign. This command does not add any of the signatory details into the assembled document, but is required by the template. There are a number of ESign commands, but it is important that the ESignAddSignatory command be placed in the template before any of the other commands can be used.

Add as many of these ESignAddSignatory commands into your template as required, thereby adding multiple signatories. And note that signatories can sign simultaneously, or in succession. The signing priority is a numerical value, where the lower the number, the higher the priority.

This command also allows for a private message to be sent to each signatory. If no private message is specified, then the signatory will receive the message supplied by DocuSign. Remember that any hard coded names, email addresses and messages must be in quotes.

Add digital signatories to your XpressDox template

Some examples:

«Comment(Simultaneous signatories. Note that the priority of the signatures is the same.)»
«ESignAddSignatory(Party2,Party2Email,1,’Please sign this Agreement and do not forward the email.’)»

«Comment(Sequential signatories. Note that the priority of the signatures is different.)»
«Comment(Party1 must sign before Party2 can sign. The private message is optional.)»

By default, only the first parameter in this command is made relevant. If the other data elements are not used anywhere in the template then they are not relevant and are not visible on the interview. You can force them onto the interview with «CaptureDataElement» commands.



This command could even be placed inside a ForEach, to cater for an unknown number of signatories.



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