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ESignDateSignedHere – XpressDox

Click here to learn about DocuSign integration, or keep reading for more information about the ESignDateSignedHere() command.

This is the date that DocuSign will insert on the day that the document is signed by a Party. The command represents the position in the document where DocuSign should insert the date.


Command structure:


The command takes 4 parameters; the signatory’s name and email address to identify them, as well as the size of the date stamp (in either pixels or inches).


White text:

It might happen that the date is inserted by DocuSign on top of the date tag inserted by XpressDox.

The way to fix that is to make the date tag i.e. «ESignDateSignedHere(Owner_Signatory,Owner_Email,'12','12')» appear in white text. To maintain template readability, it is best to make only the first chevron of the fillpoint in white text i.e. «. The opening chevron determines the output style of the text in the document, so ensure that it is white text. That way the date that is inserted by DocuSign will be readable.


Format of the date:

The format of the date is controlled by DocuSign.

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