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ESignEmail – XpressDox

Click here to learn about DocuSign integration, or keep reading for more information about the ESignEmail() command.

An email is sent from DocuSign to all signatories, but this command enables you to customize the subject and body of that email. Note that this customized message will be sent to ALL signatories. If you want to send a private message to a specific signatory, then use the “Private Message” parameter in the ESignAddSignatory command.

Hard coded text should be in quotes.

The subject and the body can also be data elements in order for the user to enter these at the time of running the template. Note that by default, only the first parameter i.e. the subject data element will be relevant.

This message does not place anything in the assembled document, it targets the DocuSign email only.

«Comment(Example of an email with a hard coded subject and email body)»
«ESignEmail(‘Customised email subject from Docusign’,’Customised email body from Docusign’)»

«Comment(Example of an email with data elements as the subject and email body)»

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