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ESignHere – XpressDox

Click here to learn about DocuSign integration, alternatively keep reading for more information about the ESignHere() command.


This command inserts a signature point into the document. Once the document has been signed in DocuSign, that signature is placed in the position where the ESignHere command is located in the template. The command takes 4 parameters; the name and email address of the signatory as well as the size (in width and height) of the signature point. The width and height can be specified in either pixels, or inches.


«Comment(The 20 specified below is the size in pixels)»
Signature: «ESignHere(Signatory_Name,Signatory_Email,’20’,’20’)»
Name: «Signatory_Name»

Add signature points for as many signatories as required. This will be the full signature as specified in Docusign.

Note that the ESignHere() command should be placed in white text in the document, or at least the first chevron of the fillpoint should be. That will ensure that the XDSIGNHERE tag is hidden in the assembled document. This will be the same for the ESignInitialHere and ESignDateSigned commands.

If the command is not in white text, you may experience a scenario such as the above. Note the commands pictured above where the first chevrons are colored in white text.